FR Eco-Additive™ Fire Resistant Protection Additive

Patent No.’s 6,930,138 & 7,018,571.

FR Eco-Additive™ is a combination of Avtec’s TSWB® fire retarding and smoke suppressing additive and a crystalline graphite. FR Eco-Additive™ may be combined with composite resins and film forming binders to manufacture paints and coatings. Upon exposure to fire or high radiant heat the TSWB ® mitigates flammability and smoke generation as the graphite expands to form a thick insulating surface covering. This felt-like surface provides fire and heat resistance for assemblies that must meet prescribed burn-through and hourly fire rating criteria, e.g., ASTM E119, UL1709.

FR Eco-Additive™ is a non-toxic antimony and bromine-free powder that disperses easily in both solvent and aqueous based resins.

FR Eco-Additive™ is available with graphite loading levels of 20, 25 and 30%. Please contact Avtec for a product recommendation specific to the end-product use and fire erformance criteria.

FR Eco-Additive Product Bulletin

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FR Eco-Additive 20

FR Eco-Additive 25

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