FireWallTM Surface Technology – Introduction

Patent No. 9,028,633

Historically, low cost polyester (PE) and polypropylene (PP) reinforced composites were not suitable for enclosed applications such as buildings, tunnels, and transportation vehicles because of fire danger. Now, Avtec’s FireWall™ can enable low cost composites to gain entry into these markets previously dominated by aluminum and steel.

FireWall™ is an innovative surface technology that positions a fire resistant and smoke-suppressing layer at and within a composite’s surface. This “surface” functions like a secondary over-coating. However, the FireWall™ ply is processed during the manufacture of the composite just like a surfacing veil, providing a fully integrated layer within the finished part. Because it is integrated, it can’t be chipped or dislodged and works equally well with both reinforced thermoplastic and thermoset assemblies .

FireWall™ is available on both non-woven glass veil and pre-consolidated glass / PP substrates.

The glass FireWall ™ Mat is composed of a highly consistent and continuous filament glass fiber veil impregnated on one side with Avtec TSWB™ fire retardant additive. This provides the FireWall™ with a glass-rich side and a fire retardant rich side. In thermoset applications, the glass rich side would be oriented against the die or mold surface. FireWall™ Mat is available in rolls 300 linear feet long and in widths up to 60 inches trimmed.

FireWall™ Mat Product Bulletin

FireWall™ Mat MSDS


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