FireWallTM Surface Technology – Test Results

Analytical Bromine Level Toxicity Test Result:

Mass Spectrophotometry Bromine Analysis Report

Photos / PowerPoint Presentations About FireWall:

Pultruded FireWall Fire Torch Resistance Test #1

Pultruded FireWall Fire Torch Resistance Test #2

Filament Wound FireWall Pipe for Life / Safety Applications

Sample ASTM E-84 Test Results:

E-84 for Pultruded Iso-Polyester Flat Sheet

E-84 for Consolidated Twintex Ballistic Panel

E-84 for Twintex / DOW Foam 4” Sandwich Panel

E-84 Comparison of Brominated & FireWall™ / ATH Flat Sheet:

E-84 of Brominated Flat Sheet with Polyester Veil

E-84 of ATH Flat Sheet with FireWall™ Surface

ASTM 1354 Cone Calorimeter Test Results:

Baseline Brominated / Iso-PE Pultruded Laminate

Baseline neat-VE Vacuum Bagged Laminate (Non-FR)

Low Cost PE Pultruded Laminate with ATH and FireWall Mat

Laminate with FireWall and TSWB: Low Peak Heat – 91 kW/m²

Vacuum Bagged Laminate with TSWB and FireWall: Glass Side Out

Vacuum Bagged Laminate with TSWB and FireWall: FR Side Out

Vacuum Bagged Laminate w/ TSWB and FireWall: 2 FireWall Plys

Comparison Photos of Brominated and TSWB® Additive Filled Specimens Before and After Cone Testing: Only glass remains of the brominated placard. TSWB® illustrates its resultant charred cement that provides basket strength to the glass reinforcements.

Please NOTE : Additional fire testing results and studies are available from the Avtec Fire Testing Library for a variety of reinforced composites.

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