FireWallTM Surface Technology – Projects

What Does Avtec Firewall™ Look Like?
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Glass Rich Side TSWB® Additive Rich Side
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The raw, air filled FireWall™ is a hefty 29 mil thickness. However, the processing pressure reduces the thickness to 12 – 15 mil in the fabricated part depending upon processing method. Although the surface texture is visible in the raw veil, processing will result in a sheen finish. Please refer to the product bulletin for processing guidelines.


General Dynamics NASSCO Composite Stanchion Program

US Navy Very Light Hatch Program

The OCTOGON Group – Monocoque Housing Program

General Atomics Electro-Magnetic Aircraft Launch System Program

FireWall™ Technical Information


Composites Manufacturing Magazine: Flame Retardant Surfacing Mat

ACMA Technical Paper: FR Veil Provides Low Cost Model to Achieve ASTM E-84 Class A Smoke Index

ACMA Technical Paper: PowerPoint Presentation

SAMPE Technical Paper: Composite Flame Retardant and Smoke Suppressing Surfacing Mat

SAMPE Technical Paper: PowerPoint Presentation

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