Eco-Flex C/G™ Insulating Intumescent Coating


Patent No. 7,331,400

Avtec’s Eco-Flex C/G™ is a one-part general purpose fire protection coating. It is aqueous based, crosslinking, flexible and non-toxic. Eco-Flex C/G™ utilizes Avtec’s TSWB® core technology with crystalline graphite to provide excellent flame spread, fire resistance, insulation and smoke mitigating protection in an environmentally friendly coating.

Eco-Flex C/G™ exhibits ASTM E84 fire and smoke behavior of 15 flame spread (FSI) and 100 smoke development indexes (SDI) and is well suited for fire resistance applications tested to ASTM E 119 and UL 1709. It is formulated to be applied on a wide array of substrates that include steel, wood, aluminum, FRP composites and other common building materials.

Eco-Flex C/G™ Product Bulletin

Eco-Flex C/G™ MSDS

ICC Protective Coating Listing (ICC: I nternational C ode C ouncil)


ASTM E-84 Fire & Smoke Test

1000 Hr Salt Spray Test (ASTM B 117) Contact Avtec.
1000 Hr UV & Weatherability Test (ASTM G 53) Contact Avtec.