FireWall ULTRATM Surface Technology – Introduction

Patent No. 9,028,633

firewall-ultra firewall-ultra
Pultruded Flat Sheet after Exposure to High Radiant Heat. Note the inter-laminate is protected by a thick char layer of mechanically entangled intumescent graphite. This surface effect is analogous to a thick and sturdy insulating felt. Viewed from the side, the mechanically entangled intumescent char layer allows convective cooling of the surface. Ceramics greatly increase emissivity and the carbonaceous barrier keeps even higher temperatures and high velocity pressure gradients from penetrating the laminate.

Historically, low cost polyester (PE) and reinforced polypropylene (PP) composites were not suitable for enclosed environments such as buildings, tunnels and transportation vehicles because of the hazard of fire and smoke. Now, Avtec’s FireWall ULTRA™ can enable low cost composites to gain entry into these markets previously dominated by aluminum and steel.

FireWall ULTRA™ is an innovative surface technology that positions a fire resistant, insulative and smoke-suppressing layer at and within a composite’s surface. This “surface” functions like a secondary over-coating that is subsumed by the native composite resin. The FireWall ULTRA™ ply is processed into the surface during the manufacture of the composite just like a polyester surfacing veil, providing a fully integrated layer within the finished part. Because it is integrated, it can’t be chipped or dislodged and works equally well with both reinforced thermoplastic and thermoset assemblies. FireWall ULTRA™ is available on non-woven glass veil.

The glass FireWall ULTRA™ mat is composed of a highly consistent and continuous filament glass fiber veil impregnated on one side with Avtec TSWB® fire retardant additive and exfoliating / expandable graphite. This provides the FireWall ULTRA™ with a glass-rich side and a fire retardant rich side. In both thermoset and reinforced thermoplastic applications, the fire retardant rich side must be oriented against the die or mold surface.

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