September 25-27, 2002 – Exhibitors seemed quite busy all three days of Composites 2002, with attendance looking strong, though no final count is available at this time. The CFA, soon to become ACMA, the American Composite Manufacturers Association, presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to Everett A. Pearson, TPI Composites’ Chairman of the Board (and founder of Pearson Yachts in the 1957 and Tillotson-Pearson, later becoming TPI). [Two problems have arisin with the ACMA name – is already taken by the American Chinese Medical Association and we heard from some some supplier exhibitors that they are not fond of the use of “American” in the name, since they have gone so global, and would prefer another word be used.

**Owens Corning, Toldeo, OH

–Andrew Hopkins, GM for OC(tm) Automotive named to Ajutomotive Composites Alliance Board

–OC’s President for the Composites Solutions Business, Dick Lantz, named to Composite Fabricators Association Board

–OC adds composite reinforcement capacity in engineered fabrics for the emerging wind energy market, based on environmentally friendly Advantex(tm) glass fiber. Also, OC is exploring the possibility of generating electricity for its own worldwide facilities using wind turbines on its properties.

**National Composite Center (NCC), Dayton, OH

–Now offers a new vacuum infusion closed molding cell for rent to use in demonstrations of composite molding.

**Hollinee Glass Fibers, Shawnee, OH

Introduced its new FR Surmatâ„¢, a surfacing mat for use in pultrusion processing to enhance fire hardening, based on Avtec Industries” flame retardant technology.

**Brenner, Newark, Ohio

Introduces a new 800V variable-length cutter for chopping polypropylene, glass, or carbon fibers, using carbide blades. Later it will be added to a robotic arm in conjunction with the NCC.

**Robotic Production Technology (RPT), Auburn Hills, MI

Introduced a robotic (Fanuc) Accu-Cut WJ-44 system for high-speed water jet cutting cell applications of molded composite parts. The robot wrist and arm capabilities have been increased by 25% in payload and moment of inertia to enhance productivity in the shop.

**Impact Composite Technology, Ltd, Houston, Texas

Promoted its Renfil(tm) organic reinforcing particulate for “green” solutions in the orthopolyester casting industry.

**MFG Companies, Ashtabula, OH

In tribute to Robert S. Morrison who passed away in mid-September, the team at MFG displayed a 2002 Chevrolet Corvette next to an original (and gorgeous) 1954 Corvette in its classic white FRP body with red interior.

**Verdant Technologies, East Providence, Rhode Island

Introduced its Polybeam(tm) process resin infusion core interface material (patent pending) for enhancing resin flow and adhesion of core to skins.

**Reichhold, Research Triangle Park, NC

Launched a new pultrusion resin, DION(r) 31066 for achieving deep, rich colors and faster line speeds. It’s low shrink properties provide a surface finish comparable to thermoplastics. They also introduced a new Tub/Shower resin, Polylite(r) Opti-Fill(tm) 33348 Series, combining low styrene, low viscosity and high fill rates. On September 26, Reichhold said that it had acquired Millinneum Polymer, an unsaturated polyester resin (UPR) resin producer in Houston, Texas. And, Reichhold launched its Solid Surface Website:

**A&P Technology, Cincinnati, Ohio

Offered a new line of unidirectional nonwoven, noncrimp, carbon fiber fabric products (patent pending). Presently incorporating standard modulus crb on fibers, fabrics with intermediate CF will be available soon.

**Diversified Composites, Inc., Erlanger, KY

Announced the acquisition of Avia Composites of Hickory, NC which specializes in the pultrusion of carbon fiber for aircraft, industrial and sporting goods applications. Avia developed an “active surface chemistry” to enhance bonding between pultruded carbon fiber profiles and prepreg materials. Reggie Durham and Sean Reymond from Avia have joined Diversified, as has Mike Yeats, formerly with Pultronex. In a further strategic move, Diversified has set up a new Complex Profiles Group and will utilize technology acquired under license from the Martin Pultrusion Group to make thin-wall, complex carbon fiber and glass fiber profiles. Jeff Martin joins DCI in a part-time role as VP of Marketing for the Complex Profiles Group.