• Avtec is the innovation leader in fire protection and smoke suppression technology for composite constructions. Our low cost solutions can provide prescribed life-safety code compliance with minimal alteration of materials or manufacture. In many cases, low smoke regulatory criteria can be achieved with low cost, polyester resins.

    The Avtec FireWall™ surface products work equally well with both reinforced thermoplastic and thermoset assemblies. All Avtec products are non-toxic. In addition to inter-laminate surfaces, Avtec also produces fire retardant additives and coatings for your fire protection needs.

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Avtec invites you to explore our unique products and welcome your inquiries for scientific solutions to your fire, smoke and toxicity needs and requirements.


Avtec's core technology, TSWB® is a fire retarding and smoke suppressing polymer additive. A non-toxic antimony and bromine-free white powder, TSWB® was created to incorporate into both thermoset and thermoplastic reinforced composites.


FireWall™ positions a fire resistant and smoke-suppressing layer at and within a composite’s surface. This “surface” functions like a secondary over-coating. The FireWall™ ply is processed just like a surfacing veil, providing a fully integrated layer.

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